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 HYE-SHIN CHUN            

Born in Libreville, Gabon

Currently lives and works in Los Angeles

the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA 2015

Artist Statement

In my works, I explore ordinary scenes of everyday life to create a pictorial space that is unreal and often mysterious, through the language of oil painting. The scenes are based on my memories of familiar objects that, albeit existing in my physical world, become transformed in response to my emotions via the interplay of forms and colors. Outlines of forms are distorted, dimensions often become flattened, and different hues and tones of colors play with subtle movements of light and placement of objects.


The materiality of oil excites me. I take pleasure in laying down oil on the surface, and such excitement and emotions aroused while applying paint lead to endless shifts in forms and colors, along with a sense of touch of hand that vibrates the pictorial space. I deploy a sense of vitality to mundane scenes from my memories, thereby transforming them into a subjective space that is familiar yet unreal, in which invented forms and colors suggest a mystery of personal tendencies and preferences. It is a process of constant introspection. 

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